Walking beam gas compressors are not a new idea. There are examples of early beam gas compressors in petroleum museums. Those early efforts were cranky and inefficient and, finally, the idea fell into disuse.

about 1975, the rising price of crude reawakened interest, especially in Bakersfield - where thick California oil was being held back by gas pressure. The academic community set to work and came up with designs that were mostly modifications of existing compressors built for other purposes. Though the need was strong, excessive wear, constant lubrication requirements, and high maintenance discouraged further development. Again, the beam compressor idea, though good, was virtually abandoned.

with new space age materials that didn’t exist in the 70’s and 80’s, a proper beam compressor designed specifically for this particular job has been designed and built. This one needs no lubrication, no periodic adjustments, no maintenance, it’s impervious to carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, and has exceptionally long lasting wear characteristics.