No lubrication!

We mean it,
absolutely no lubrication
of any sort required.

Tough, state-of-the-art
space age seals and wear rings
assure minimal wear factors.

No need for a wrench.
Basil piston-rod sealing system
is a leak-proof, closed housing system
that requires no adjustment
(in fact, it’s specifically designed
to eliminate adjustments).

Leave your
welder and drill at home.
Top of Basil unit clamps directly to the Walking Beam.

Bottom of unit
clamps directly to the Samson post
or the base beams of the pump-jack.

Telescoping base legs assure proper attachment length.

Basil units are easy to move
from one well to another.



Heavy duty construction
toughest beam compressor
on the market!

Unaffected by H
2S or CO2.

Beam clevis assembly and
base clevis assembly contain
maintenance-free spherical bearings
that allow non-restricted, omni-directional movement during operation.

Y-configuration manifold provides
maximum operating efficiency.

1000 PSI forged steel fittings.

Suction and discharge piping and
fittings are a full 2”.

Equipped with four 2” piston type
forged steel check valves.

2” safety relief valve.

Two 2”x36” stainless steel flex hoses
(for suction and discharge connections
to wellhead piping).